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Looking To Sell You Home?

Looking To Sell You Home?There's no strings attached and absolutely no cost to you. We'll prove to you that Baine Realty Group's approach is not only different but better than our competition. We can't wait to hear from you!

Selling Your House

Selling Your House
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Selling Your Home Is an Important Decision

Choosing the right REALTOR® is almost as important. All sellers want to sell their home fast and for the highest possible price. At Baine Realty Group, we don’t simply look at your property and see a commission. We look at selling your property as an opportunity to build a relationship with our clients built on trust, market your listing using the latest methods, find the right buyer for your property, and sell it for the highest, fairest price possible.

We then make sure that the transaction moves along efficiently and that you have a stress free experience. Our experienced team will ensure your property closes on time. Our goal is that from contract to closing, you’ll not only be one of our past clients but a raving fan and a part of the Baine Realty Group family.

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Why sell your property with Baine Realty Group:

  • 1. We establish relationships built on trust. We don’t see your property simply as a commission.
  • 2. Baine Realty Group’s experienced agents know the Knoxville real estate market. They have the know-how to sell your home quickly and for the highest price.
  • 3. We make sure to separate your property from a crowded marketplace using professional digital media and technology. See the list below.
  • 4. Baine Realty Group knows that simply listing your property on the MLS isn’t enough. We market your property on many digital platforms such as social networks, real estate specific websites, and other advertising mediums in order to get as many eyes on your property as possible. Our marketing approach actually finds qualified buyers looking for properties matching its criteria, increases demand, and ensures you’ll get the highest and best offer.
  • 5. It’s our promise that once your property is under contract, Baine Realty Group will work to make your transaction reach the closing table as hassle-free as possible. You’ll simply have to pack!

Ready to start the process? Contact one of our friendly, experienced REALTORS® today!

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